Bulldog (AKC)
Group: Non-Sporting

Giving the impression of determination, strength and activity the British Bulldog is indeed an imposing sight

Developed for the so-called “sport” of bull-baiting, he is a powerful, superbly muscled “fighting machine” of a dog with tremendous weight for his height, enormous chest and shoulders and massive head.

Although he looks fierce he is in fact gentle and affectionate, with an equable, kindly temperament. Despite his dignified demeanour and good-natured patience and tractability, he nevertheless retains his legendary courage, making him a splendid watchdog.

An obstinate streak has been inherited from his bull-baiting ancestors, but patient training will result in a willing response.

Loyal and dependable, the British Bulldog makes an excellent children’s companion and household pet. This breed is very sensitive to heat and needs careful management in warmer climates.

Those who become addicted to this breed will never again settle for anything else!


Chinese Shar-Pei (AKC, UKC)
Group: Non-Sporting

Once known as the rarest breed in the world, the ancient Chinese Shar-Pei teetered on the brink of extinction in the early 1970s when a Hong Kong fancier appealed to Americans for help in saving the breed.

North Americans responded, attracted by the unusual appearance and charm of the breed. A few were imported, breeding programs were set up and the breed’s popularity fairly mushroomed.

Pups start out with heavily wrinkled coats but usually manage to fill them out fairly well as adults. Like the Chow Chow, Shar-Pei have blue-black tongues.

Though intensely loyal to their owners, Shar-Pei are usually somewhat aloof with strangers and have a natural instinct to guard home and family. They may be alert but they retain a dignified, lordly scowl along with an independent nature.

The Shar-Pei is not a high-energy dog and maintains a fairly calm demeanour. A daily walk satisfies its exercise requirements nicely.

Post Author: Claire Obrien

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