As with all animals, transporting dogs requires planning, preparation and effort. Owners/Buyers should understand the essential needs of their particular dog and be keenly aware of all laws and regulations that apply to dogs being transported.

The following list can help.

  • Prior to travel, arrange for a qualified veternarian to perform a physical examination of your dog and administer any necessary vaccinations. Request and keep a copy of (1)the vaccination certificates and (2)the health certificate. If your journey requires an interstatehealth certificate, request one.
  • Ask your veternarian to provide a referral list, if possible, to other veterinarians located along your intended route or at your destination.
  • If your dog requires medication, be sure you have enough to last until you can establish a relationship with a veternarian elsewhere.
  • Check the entry laws of all states, provinces or countries your dog will be traveling through or into. In the United States, inspections are usually performed by each State’s Department of Agriculture or Law Enforcement authorities. Some states require an interstate health certificate while others need only a standard, current certificate of health.
  • Insure that your dog has and wears indentification tags complete with your current address and contact information.
  • Keep at least one current photograph of your dog with you for identification purposes, should your dog become lost.
  • Consider the age and condition of your dog and plan any special adjustments necessary to avoid discomfort or stress.
  • If you are not physically traveling with your dog, become familiar with the itinerary of your dog’s journey and the method by which your dog is being transported.

Post Author: Claire Obrien

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